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"Space-time Jump"( SJ ) Theory to Practice:  
{A simple science be misunderstood for decades.}

Phenomenon: In anomalous dispersion gases, Light Group Velocities travel faster than the speed of light.  [BBC News]
Description: During atomic-electron absorbed photon, atomic collided with other particle, the absorbed photon will find a more suitable exit in its original direction of movement.
Explanation: Photon was absorbed by electron and then into Hyperspace (Time can be ignored). Since the entrance been interfered, the exit (similar to the entrance status) had emerged in the photon's original direction. Because without spending time in that dimension, Superluminal phenomenon occurred while Photon returned to the material world (actually, the speed of light is constant). [Fig. illustration for the changing of electron spin angular momentum.]

Discussion: Q: In Cesium gas chamber, why had laser pulse's peak caused Superluminal phenomenon, but not pulse's head? 
A: The
starting disturbance (laser pulse's head hit cold Cesium atom) wasn't enough to trigger Photon space jump.


R & D: 
Using multilayer molecular films (e.g. TiO).
Purpose : 
1. Molecular structure - can absorb many photon wavelength; however, the probability of Photons's long range SJ rapidly decrease with increasing thickness, and increase with scattering of the short range SJ.
2. Multi Coated - without losing features of atoms, helps to increase the probability of Photon absorption.
Disturbances by rapidly changing force fields (e.g. high-frequency electromagnetic fields, ultrasonics).
Purpose : 
1. For widening energy bands (molecules absorb light), even the full-spectrum absorption.
2. Changing status of the absorption point, make the emanation point be similar to the original absorption point.
(Fig. let Photon mistake A' for the absorption point A).


Prospects: Technology product - Ultimate Defense (prototype) - is expected to be done by early 21C.  [YouTube]
S suit: Invisible (visible light SJ).  Invincible (impacts - electromagnetic waves SJ).  Zero gravity (gravity wave SJ);
Remove small area of soles's SJ-shield (provide Reaction Force), you can leap over mountains even oceans.
S ship: Ibid. If the vehicle identified by the universe is close to  zero-mass object, then instantly move,  accelerate to the speed of light, wouldn't seem impossible... no longer consider Fluid Dynamics, spend a lot of kinetic energy.
Flaws: 1. Keep stop (low speed) before reveal (shield-off); confirm the position with Pinhole Cameras to avoid crash.
2. Due to the shield disturbance & the internal heat can not SJ, they could be detected by IR, microwave.
3. Powerful laser irradiation exceeded instant load of Shield (scattering before light SJ) -- Shield crumbled.

SJ-shield:  Isolated from all external forces

Beyond the barricade Is there a world you long to see?  (Global warming, Famine, Energy crisis, Wars... no more.)